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About Shannon 

Shannon Flynn's journey into the realm of Mediumship began at a young age, marked by encounters with spirits and a unique ability to perceive energies that most others couldn't. Her experiences with seeing shadows and detailed images of spirits in her room at age 7 respectively, laid the foundation for her spiritual awakening.

As she grew, Shannon's realization that the spirits she saw were her departed grandparents provided a deeper understanding of her abilities. This realization prompted her to explore and expand her spiritual gifts further, leading her to become a Reiki Master. Her connection with Reiki not only facilitated healing for her clients but also served as a channel through which spirits communicated and assisted during healing sessions.


Her journey took an intentional turn in 2006 when she dedicated herself to studying Mediumship, Psychic Development, Channeling, Meditation, and Reiki for over five years at a school in Ontario, Canada. The subsequent years saw Shannon's participation in various workshops conducted by renowned Mediums such as Moira Hawkins from the United Kingdom. She expanded her knowledge base by delving into life force energy and its impact on the well-being of all life forms.

Shannon's dedication to her spiritual growth didn't end there. She continued her education, acquiring skills as a Life Skills Coach from George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario, and training as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner under the guidance of Hugh Comerford. These additional skills further enriched her practice, allowing her to offer comprehensive support and guidance to her clients.

Today, Shannon Flynn is recognized as one of Canada's top Spiritual Mediums, sought after for her ability to bridge the gap between the physical and spirit worlds. Her services include Mediumship Readings, Spiritual Guidance, Past Life Regressions, Reiki Treatments, Angel Card Readings, Question Readings, as well as her involvement in charity work and organizing spiritual events.

Shannon's commitment to her clients goes beyond mere messages from the Other Side; she brings forth healing, love, and guidance in her readings. Her public Mediumship demonstrations, fundraisers, and special events held in Ontario showcase her powerful abilities, providing comfort and enlightenment to thousands of individuals she has counseled and guided along their spiritual journeys.

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