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Lives Changed

"I am so grateful to have had this reading with Shannon, she is truly gifted!  I was at so many crossroads not knowing which path to take.  Shannon’s reading gave me guidance and clarity through loved ones that have passed.  I feel like a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders; I can now move forward with confidence and peace. A sincere thank you, Shannon."

                      E.M. Ontario, Canada

"I was very fortunate to have met Shannon and be introduced to her gift. My first reading with Shannon was spontaneous recommendation from my cousin.  I was very sceptical and unsure of the process.  My first experience with Shannon and loved ones was overwhelming. Meeting her for the first time and the information my loved ones shared with her was so real.  I did not share any information yet she knew what I needed and who I wanted to hear from the other side. To me clearly, Shannon would not know what transpired in our lives if my family did not share details that only I knew.  Since then I have had several experiences to connect to my loved ones and the communications relayed have helped immensely and have provided peace. I so appreciate Shannon and her special gift."

                               Denise K. P.E.I. Canada

"Shannon is the real deal. Amongst many other things, she helped me connect with my recently passed on dog, which gave me complete comfort knowing he was exactly with who I hoped he would be with. My boyfriend, who was skeptic, was completely blown away when she told him such specific details about so many things from his past and present, he just can’t deny her talent. We contact her whenever we have important decisions to make, and she is always on the money. Just love this woman"

                                             L. N. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"My session with Shannon was everything I could have asked for and more. I could resonate with everything she said. Shannon brought things up in specific detail that only I would know about. She mentioned specific names of people I have lost. Everything was just so accurate. Meeting Shannon has truly healed a part of me, I heard things I needed to hear, I got reassurance for things I've wanted to know. I will most definitely be recommending Shannon to my friends and family. Thanks again Shannon!" 

                                                                        S. D. Ontario, Canada 

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